Unhinged contributors


Raleigh, NC | Michael is the owner of MM Photography from New England who moved to NC in 2016. A long time event/“People” photographer as he calls himself. He kind of fell into music photography when a publicist for a rock fashion line asked him to shoot for them at a Rockstar “Uproar Festival” beauty pageant. This happened 3 times for MA and CT shows over a few years. When he moved down here, an entertainment review magazine asked him if he would shoot the "Come Together” charity show in Raleigh featuring Ben Folds. That same year the country band “Sugar Land" reached out to him to shoot their show at the PNC Arena. As he said, fell into it… In the beginning, people called HIM! What an asshat! Michael shoots with a Nikon Z7 and Z6 with a Nikon 28-300mm and 18-35mm in the pit. From the board he shoots with a Sigma 60-600mm. 



Asheville, NC | Heather lives in the West Asheville neighborhood with the rest of the Gen X'rs. She's been a photographer for as long as she can remember, which is a really, really long time. She's also been involved in the arts & entertainment industry for years, and is currently working on a degree in Photographic Technology at McDowell Tech in Marion, NC. She particularly enjoys capturing the more hidden parts of life and she doesn't just document; when you see her photos she wants you to feel what she felt at that exact moment. She joined the UnHinged team in February of 2020. 



Louisville, KY | Emily is extremely passionate about music and has been going to concerts for over 10 years only to grow more fond of them every year.  She's a fan of all music genres but is a huge fan of Taylor Swift, Twenty One Pilots, Halsey, and Fall Out Boy.



Boston, MA | Petra manages low income housing, teaches part time at a gym and started pursuing her passion in the last year.  Music is a huge part of her everyday and photographing it is something she's wanted to do since high school.  Petra started to go to school for it, went to Europe for a month long photo seminar, came home and life took over.  Now she's back and going after it.  It's her therapy.  Petra has always had a love for capturing all that makes her smile.  Every day is a new adventure and she hopes to continue freezing awesome energy and memories.  Her love for people, music, nature and life in general makes her want to share it all!



Rochester, NY | Sean began taking photographs over 20 years ago with a love for the outdoors. It wasn’t shortly after he began photographing sports and develop a love for capturing the perfect moment. That same moment that one might miss if they batted an eye. With a passion for music and formerly being a guitarist in a band, it allows him to capture these same abrupt moments on the stage. Sean loves to photograph music because he can focus on the beauty of all music genres and capture the perfect moment.



Grand Rapids, MI | Full time, you can find Elise doing marketing and graphic design for a global software company.  It's headquarters are in Sweden, which is a huge perk of being able to travel around the world.  Elise's ultimate dream is to tour with a band.  She has always been fascinated by the raw energy of live music, not o mention the fun and challenge of lighting to the photography.  Elise is a long time photographer but new to the concert scene, making her excited to see what the future holds.



New York City, NY | Astrida Valigorsky has owned a camera since she was about 8 years old. Photography has formed the core of her creative life, which is fairly far flung from graphic design and typography, to website design, to glass-blowing.  About 5 years ago she lucked her way into a photo pass for NYC's finest music festival, Governor's Ball.  Her output over the course of the festival, gained her a pass the following year, and sparked a minor obsession.  With photographs of over 400 bands under her belt, the obsession isn't ending anytime soon.  Astrida lives and works in New York City, and enjoys teaching at a community space in Brooklyn, NYC Resistor.



Brooklyn, NY | Native New Yorker and current Brooklynite, Lisa Ramsay is a creative director, photographer, producer, artist, teacher and fitness lover. Lisa picked up a camera, when she was a young teenager and has never put it down.  Lisa’s love of travel (30 US states, Europe and Caribbean so far) and art shows has influenced her own artwork as well as her commercial projects. Lisa is a mentor to young college age women with Build By Girls and volunteers in the kitchen of God’s Love We Deliver. Currently, Lisa is planning new artistic projects, dreaming of new adventures and learning new techniques. 



Boston, MA | Robert has always had a passion for photography and music. He attended his first concert over twenty five years ago. Since his first concert, he has attended hundreds of shows. Being part of the music scene has always been a dream of his which kept developing with every show he attended. He eventually met a concert photographer and took advantage of some advice that was given to him and started taking photography classes. Finally, he was able to film his first show in early 2020. 



Houston, TX | Baylee has been very passionate about both music and writing for a number of years. She used to hate writing as a child, but after joining her middle school’s newspaper team, writing became her number one passion and also her dream job.


Her passion for rock music would also start in middle school after watching the biopic about The Runaways. When she’s not writing, Baylee often loves to spend her time traveling to Florida to visit family, reading books, and thrift shopping.

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Statesville, NCMichele has been in the local music scene for 6 years.  She has been supporting and photographing the bands she sees, and it wasn't until a friend sold her their old Nikon D3100 and D3200 in 2018 (her first DSLR cameras), that her world into photography would be forever changed.  Michele has a passion to photograph everything and show everyone how beautiful life is through her eyes by the way of her photography.  She loves to make time stand still and allow others to see the story behind every show she attends.



Atlanta, GA | Caitlin brought an old camera that was stowed away for years to a small festival to take some photos...the rest became history.  She soon found that she had an intense passion for concert photography, videography, and photojournalism.  Caitlin consistently surrounds herself with phenomenal music and inspiring people.  She uses her camera to capture the magic that she sees within the artists.  Her pictures tell the stories. 



Nashville, TN | During Madison Weiss' time in high school, she joined the art and design academy where she learned about photography, graphic design, etc. She took this knowledge to Clarksville TN where she attending Austin Peay graduating this past December 2020 with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Studio Art.
In college, Madison was a part of two different photography internships where one led to a job with ProStudio7 as a photographer and editor. Madison also works at Victoria's Secret as well as an aerial silk instructor on campus."



Cleveland, OH | Todd actually lives in any Marriott nationwide and United Airlines is his primary choice of commuting vehicles. Spending over 75% of his time on the road provides access to music venues and gigs all over North America. He has been shooting music and sports photography for 30 years and really enjoys the ad-lib nature of "Capturing Life". 


"I didn't think I had a creative bone in my body until I picked up a camera, this is clearly stress relief from my day job and while I like creating art, my technical background demands ultimate precision in my photography skills too".



Chicago, IL | Colette currently manages internal IT for a startup company, but her primary passion in life continues to be centered around photography. She’s been covering a little bit of everything in Chicago from smaller metal shows at Reggie’s Rock Club to the Smashing Pumpkins at Tinley Park since 2017. Colette’s main format these days is digital, but she is passionate about film photography in the darkroom as well



Boise, ID | Darren brings a world of experience to his photo shoots...literally. Born in England, he was first bit by the shutterbug in 1986 while documenting his global  travels as he trained to be a Naval photographer. While his assignments took him throughout Southeast Asia and the Middle East, it was always the people who caught his eye.


“More than the exotic locations and the beautiful scenery, it was the people that I really connected with...the expressions, the eyes, capturing a moment in their lives,” he says.


Decades later, in Boise, Idaho, Darren is still capturing those moments. His impressive range spans from the bright lights of a rock-and-roll concert to lightning fast sporting events to milestone moments in families’ lives. 


Whether it’s an intimate exchange between a bride and groom, a baby’s toothless grin, a Grammy winning artist or the last grueling leg of a triathlon, Darren’s stunning images capture the very essence of lives being lived.


“A fleeting glance, a look, a smile.  It only lasts a moment, never to return and I want to capture that.”

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Omaha, NE | Dean joined the Air Force and shot his first concert in 1982 in Frankfurt Germany with The Rolling Stones.  Dean continued on for 11 years in the Air Force at Offutt AFB Nebraska.  He met a Jersey Girl while there and simply stayed.  

Almost four years ago, Dean was at a show against the pit barrier and started up conversation with a photographer who offered him an opportunity to shoot for a local publication.  Since then, Dead has shot local, national, and international artists from 150 capacity venues to large arenas and festivals.  Dean says he was never good enough to be ON stage, so he enjoys capturing the moments of those that are.



Chicago, IL | Sharita Rush is a photographer-turned nurse-turned photographer. She has a background in film and photography, having earned her bachelor's degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She also has her master's degree in nursing from DePaul University. Over the past decade, she has amassed a diverse collection of photographs which portray a variety of musical events, as well as other local and international happenings. The first concert she ever attended was for Dave Matthews Band at the World Music Theatre in 1999. She appreciates all genres of music and loves when she has the opportunity to capture the energy and emotions of a live performance. When she is not writing in the third person, Sharita loves to spend time with her friends, lift and run at the local gym, and attend any and all concerts she can. She lives in Chicago with her husband, two adorable daughters, and Amadeus Van Gogh, her one-eared rescue dog. 



Houston, TX | Angel has an unbreakable connection with music. She grew up in a home that always had music playing on rotation. Her parents introduced her to artists such as Jim Croce, Gerry Rafferty, Bob Seger, and Neil Young on the big stereo. As the years went by and she matured into a young adult, she found herself. Her deep admiration for music intensified into something bigger than herself. Music set her free and became “the light at the end of the tunnel.” When she began to travel the country to see Greta Van Fleet, something just clicked. She came to the realization that traveling for shows wasn’t just “for fun” but her passion. She enjoys meeting fellow music lovers and hearing their stories. She adores the moment when lights go dim and the whole crowd is yelling at the top of their lungs. Everyone begins to anticipate what’s to come and within a blink of an eye their favorite artist is right before their eyes. The electric energy and the uproar from the crowd send chills down her spine. Angel always loves to say, “Home is where the music is.” Holding onto her music family and singing all of the words together in unison is where she feels at home. Her heart's desire is to bring her readers along with her as she explores exciting paths on musical journey and to inspire others in freely expressing themselves when it comes to their passions. Rock N' Roll has grasped Angel's heart and she intends on being a traveling writer for as long as she lives.