Brand-new alternative rock trio SOFIA will release their debut independent EP Stories For The Sleepless on June 24th. The EP features the Brazilian-bred, Los Angeles-based band’s debut single “Coconut,” a song about acceptance and finding happiness with the little things in a relationship and the aspects of your partner that are unique to them. Scroll down to watch the video for “Coconut,” the first in a 6-part series of short films that will visually accompany the songs on the EP. The video for “Coconut” introduces viewers to B and Tala, the two main characters in the continuous visual narrative that will run throughout the story of the album. The next single/video “Closer” came out today (3/25). Elegant guitar, hyperactive bass, sweeping soundscapes, airy synthesizers, plainspoken lyrics, energetic drums and hypnotic harmonies open up SOFIA’s first chapter with expressive, yet expansive transmissions of alternative rock. Comprised of Alex Novaes [guitar], Leo Bomeny [vocals, bass], and Bruno Lamas [drums], the group’s original music is inspired by bedtime stories, fairytales, science fiction and fantasies with the hope that the stories and characters woven throughout give the listener a sense of belonging and acceptance. Their name SOFIA was even chosen after scanning mythology books with the desire “to create a character the music could represent.” The trio draws on diverse influences ranging from Tame Impala, Muse, Mutemath, and Pink Floyd to Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Twenty One Pilots, and even soundtracks like The Lord of the Rings in their music. Crafting a singular sound, they combined succinct storytelling and artful instrumentation to yield the concept behind Stories For The Sleepless.



Stories for the Sleepless

"Songs swirl around in our subconscious much like childhood tales, fables, and fantasies do. Regardless if we only hear them once or on repeat countless times, they leave lasting resonances." SOFIA makes a similar subconscious imprint via their 2020 independent debut EP, Stories For The Sleepless.

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UnHinged Interview

What first got you into music?


Alex – Well, I had mandatory piano lessons when I was like 6 or 7, and later on started listening to my brother’s CDs and soon decided to learn the guitar.


Bruno - It all started when I was a kid, like 4 years old. My parents would show me a lot of music, but I don't know why I decided that I wanted to be like Phil Collins. I would sit for hours in front of the TV that was playing a VHS with his live show, and I would be hitting stuff with pencils and whatever I could find that makes a sound. And, I remember as if it was yesterday, for Christmas my dad gave me a kids drum kit, blue finish, really awesome, that I bet he regrets because I was making noise for the whole day, watching and pretending I was Phil Collins.


Leo - My father is a musician and producer so since me and my brother were kids we’d be in the studio with him. As far back as I can remember, music has been a part of my life.



Talk about your upcoming EP Stories For The Sleepless and how the concept was created.


We grew up reading a lot, and we have this fascination with the idea of diving into a world through the eyes of a character. What we wanted Stories For The Sleepless is to feel like it is one of those bedside books that keep you company late at night. Seeing those stories through someone else’s eye when we were growing up helped us understand our own emotions and thoughts, and that is what we hope to achieve with this album.


How are you guys coping with this pandemic we’re experiencing?


Alex - It’s been harsh mentally, but hopefully things will get better soon.


Bruno - It’s a very delicate moment and we are trying to deal with it the most positive way possible. Trying to focus on things in life that we usually wouldn’t, learn new things, writing new music… Also keep ourselves healthy, eating well, exercising. 


Leo - Staying in touch with friends and relatives, checking in on everyone. Creating a daily routine helps as well.


Explain how you came up with your band name.


It took us a while to decide, going through dozens of different names. Eventually we found the name SOFIA which derived from old Greek mythology and we liked the sound of it. At the time, we wanted to have the name of the band be a “character” of sorts, so it fit.


What was the best concert you’ve seen and why?


Alex - Roger Waters on the Wall Tour. It blew my mind, especially because I didn’t know what to expect since I was not so much into Pink Floyd at the time. It was unbelievable.


Bruno - This is hard but, I will list a couple. Coldplay in Rock in Rio was insane. They just play hits so everyone sings from the beginning until the end, lights, lasers, it’s from another planet. Phil Collins at The Forum because it was a dream come true for me to see the one that made me start playing drums after 20 years.


Leo - Growing up (still today, but less) I went to a lot of shows! So this is tough to choose. One of the ones that was most memorable was Foo Fighters at Lollapalooza 2012 in Sao Paulo. I was right at the front and that energy was insane!



What is the most useless talent you have?


Alex - I know how to solve a Rubik’s cube!


Bruno - I love to eat and I’m pretty good at it. 


Leo - Making memes.


Do you sing in the shower? What songs?


Alex - Yes, like everything possible.


Bruno – Yes, Disney soundtracks


Leo - Yes, it’s usually a song I’m trying to finish.



Which famous musicians do you admire?


Alex - Gonna put a small list of bands to make it easier. From Metallica, Iron Maiden, Faith No More, Led Zeppelin, Mastodon, Alice In Chains, Nothing But Thieves to soundtracks of all genres.


Bruno - John Mayer, Phil Collins, Steve Jordan, Aaron Sterling, Nate Smith, Tom Misch, Leon Bridges, Anderson .Paak, and a lot more.


Leo - The Beatles, John Mayer, Pino Palladino, Eric Clapton, BB King, Gary Clark Jr, Cory Henry, Jacob Collier, John Williams, Alexender Desplat, and many, many more


What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?


Alex - I was expelled from my school when I was a kid.


Bruno - I was in trouble every week in school when I was a kid, but since then I’ve become an angel. 


Leo - Getting caught skipping school to go surfing when I was in high school. 



How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

It certainly has made reaching out to new listeners a lot easier.



What is your favorite song to perform so far?


For us right now it’s probably “Closer”!


What is the best advice you’ve been given?


Alex - “All things pass.” I use this phrase every time things are not going the way I expect them to.


Bruno - Don’t compare yourself with others.


Leo - It’s something my father always says to me. It roughly translates to “The NO is already there,” which is basically saying don’t be afraid to take the risk.


What advice would you give to new bands?


Take your time, trust the process and don’t make decisions based on trying to impress anybody.