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10/18/2021 // PNC Music Pavilion – Charlotte, NC


I was so excited to see that The Knotfest Roadshow Tour was going to be stopping in Charlotte, but I was absolutely THRILLED to see that the venue was PNC Music Pavilion.  The weather was PERFECT for the outdoor amphitheater even while the sun was still blazing away as I found my seat.  The fans poured into the pavilion in droves of black hoodies and band tees, easily being the largest crowd I have seen since the pandemic struck.  The air was literally vibrating with the excited energy before anyone even took to the stage. 


Selfies were being shot in abundance amongst the chatter of anticipation.  I overheard an older woman behind me proclaim that she was finally make her dream come true by checking this concert off her bucket list.  By the time the music started, the venue was packed with fans both young and old and everything in between.


Though Slipknot has crept away from the days of setting each other on fire and wrapping fans up with microphone cords, their performance is still one of the most energetic live shows I have ever had the privilege of attending.  What would typically come across as a chaotic and confusing mess of a stage, Slipknot is the master of in-your-face choreographed setups.  Sporting their signature jumpsuits and updated masks, the band brought the crowd to their feet with headbangs and fists in the air. I’m used to seeing pyrotechnics at concerts, but never to the magnitude that Slipknot brings.  I can still feel the heat of flames that roared towards the dark sky, lighting up the morbidly clad band members with a horror-movie-style feel.  The gruesome show is reminiscent of a raging haunted house accompanied by the most epic soundtrack that unfolds dark stories and twisted tales.


Slipknot has always been aggressively metal in their sound with instrumentation that slams into your body, leaving you slightly weak by the end of a show.  Showcasing many songs from the newest album We Are Not Your Kind, lead vocalist Corey Taylor shows off his incredible range that I personally believe to be the biggest element to bringing out the underlying emotions of the band’s lyrics.  Taylor’s ability to shift from screaming to singing is impressive on its own, but the fierceness he packs behind each bark, screech, or note is what really sets him apart.


Fists and fingers slammed into the air in violent waves all around me as the fans screamed out their love for band.  I found myself being swayed back and forth with the surging of bodies caught up in the destructive awesomeness of Slipknot.  Ears ringing, chest vibrating with bass, pulse racing with excitement, I left feeling like I had been on the most insane rollercoaster ride and my inner child kept screaming, “Again! Again!”.   


Be sure to check out their latest album.  It is one of their most diverse albums yet and showcases all the ways Slipknot has grown over the years.