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“These ladies have proven to have the tenacity and passion for manifesting their dreams into reality and the talent to back it up.” - Patricia Jones from MCXV

Their sound is built upon a diverse array of musical influences, but the underlying currents of heavy emotions, and heavy topics ring true throughout all of their music. Over the past 7 years as a band, these 5 women have toured extensively, won Best Rock Band of the Year at the Carolina Music Awards (2016), self released 2 full length albums (2017, 2019), and won Rock Female of the Year at the Queen City Awards (Sav Ruff, 2019).

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Photography: Preston Williams

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corona virus email interview w/ unhinged

***Answered by Caitlin Rutkowski - Bass/Back Up vocals***

What first got you into music?

  • We all have different reasons for getting into music but ultimately we were inspired by other people. Paolina started singing in church. Syd started playing drums when she was really little because her Mom is a drummer. Shelby wanted to play like Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low after seeing them in concert. I got my love for music from my Dad. Sav started playing guitar because her Mom’s friend played guitar in a coffee shop. 


What is your creative process like?

  • Generally when we are writing we start with lyrics and get a feel for what we want the song to be about and then write music that goes along with that mood. We have been told that most people write the opposite way so I think it is really interesting that we have always done it like that. Not sure if there is really a right or wrong way to do it, it’s whatever makes you feel like you have expressed what you need to with your creation.


Who would you most like to collaborate with?

  • Oh man, that is such a hard question because we all like so many different artists. I think someone we would all agree would be really cool to collaborate with would be Hayley Williams. She has such a unique style and was such an inspiration to all of us growing up.


If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

  • My Chemical Romance. Hands down. The odds of that are really slim but ya know, goals and stuff.


How did ya’ll meet?

  • We met at a local music school and got put together as a bunch of strangers who are now best friends. It’s kind of wild when I look back on it because we really have come a long way as friends and as musicians in the last 7 years. 


Explain how you came up with your band name.

  • When we were discussing the band name we came to the conclusion that this band is the reason that we are on this earth. This band is the reason that defines our existence. We give everything that we are to the music and to each other. It sounds really corny, but it’s so true. 


What was the best concert you’ve seen and why?

  • I think one of the best concerts I have ever seen was at Warped Tour a few years ago and the whole band was there as well as my husband and Every Time I Die played in the pouring rain. It was honestly a religious experience.


What is the most useless talent you have?

  • I am the “Weird Al” of our band. Meaning that I can come up with a parody song for just about any situation. I can also come up with a song for almost any phrase and they just pour directly out of my mouth without me thinking about it. Pretty useless and sometimes really annoying.


Do you sing in the shower? What songs?

  • I actually don’t sing in the shower. Showers are my time for quiet contemplation. 


Which famous musicians do you admire?

  • I really love Reba Meyers from Code Orange. She is such a bad ass and as a fellow female musician who screams, sings, and plays an instrument she is just the most inspiring person. And on top of that her riffs, her tone, and her stage presence are untouchable. Basically she’s the coolest and I want to be her when I grow up. I also really love Steve Micciche from Every Time I Die. His bass writing and performance are second to none.