Viridius EP - 'Dissonance'

VIRIDIUS // Debut EP // Released October 2019

Founded in 2018, Viridius is a melodic death metal project heavily inspired by the Gothenburg scene of Sweden.

Viridius released their debut EP 'Dissonance' in October 2019 and can be found on all major streaming platforms.

Band Members:

Tim Werner - Vocals

Ryan D. Meloche - Guitar I

James Scott - Guitar II

Alex Sytnyk - Bass Guitar

Danny Barker - Percussion

Reviewed by: Todd Jay

I never want to go look at a band before I hear their stuff, I want my ears to make the introduction. I LOVE this EP!

The songs are long, but holy hell does Viridius give you something to listen to, none of the songs are repetitive as they move from minute 1 to minute 5. You see a song this long and think "what can they do for 5 minutes"? The answer is:

melt your face.”

Track 1: Mortal Dissonance is very much so a full and thick string sound, like Judas Priest for cool people. The vocals while have a guttural growl has a range that is very controlled and can move from low-to high as smooth as butter. If you are a fan of having two guitarists fill an earhole, you are going to love how fat the sound is.

Track 2: Babylon Burns starts out tribal and flows into that string work that is very identifiable and the drums maintain tribal beats in the breakdowns. The chorus breakdowns give the growl a brief hiatus and allows you to connect to the lead singer and the vocals before slipping back into a growl (briefly) before being blasted by a flamethrower that is a guitar solo (man do I miss those). Viridius DEFINITELY pays homage to true guitar fans. Man the solo and drum breaks in this song are powerful, like you were walking down a dark alley and got jumped, they just pummel you throughout the song (a few times). HUGE fan of the way they finish this song, perhaps a sign of respect to (Cleveland's Chimaira) when they finish with "Nothing Remains!".

Track 3: Your Demons Conspire comes right out of the gate firing, there is no introducing the sound, it's like you got dropped in the middle of a demolition derby, straight fire. As they move to chorus and breakdown, it's a nice melodic thunder of drums that stand out in this song, with vocals to match. Midway through the song, I am sitting here thinking "Oh boy, these strings are going to go wild any second". This tune for sure is reminiscent of 80s hardcore underground, a tiny feel of old school Anthrax. 3 Minutes in and the tribal rhythms with guitar to follow, kick in, these solos will never get old for sure.

This EP is timeless, I can hear this being relevant 30 years ago and 30 years in the future, ESPECIALLY if you like guitar solos, epic breakdowns and time shifts. CLEARLY Viridius has turned me on #EnFuego!!


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