Theory of a Deadman

Updated: Mar 18

Theory of a Deadman

@ The Ritz Raleigh
March 11, 2022

My ears are STILL ringing (forgot my ear protection) from a great show Friday night! Theory didn’t disappoint, delivering on the songs we know and love.

Formed in 2002, Canadian post-grunge, alt-rock band Theory’s headlining tour efforts are solid, holding their fan base. The crowd at The Ritz Raleigh Friday night spanned about three generations, age-wise, proving that their sound has wide appeal.

Songs spanning the band’s 20 years-worth of albums were represented: Lowlife, Not Meant to Be, Santa Monica, Bitch Came Back, Angel, Hate My Life …and more. There was something for everyone!

We learned Tyler keeps a well stocked piano 🤣. Popping the "lid" tossing beers and a ball out to the audience. Hinting that he also had bags of marijuana but could not share because on NC laws.

One note on the lighting. While it was dynamic, it would have worked well in a much larger venue.Being that the The Ritz is small and relatively intimate, the magnitude of the lights behind the band – shining directly toward the crowd – were overpowering, obliterating the band from sight for moments and strobing at times so frequently that they could be considered seizure-producing. There were some dramatic, moody moments as well – the stage flooded with deep red hues, nice effect.

Band Members:

Tyler Connolly – lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar

Dave Brenner – rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals

Dean Back – bass, backing vocals

Joey Dandeneau – drums, backing vocals

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