The Steel Woods

The Steel Woods // Live @ The Blind Tiger // 02.29.20

The Steel Woods

A relatively new band coming out of Nashville, The Steel Woods released their debut album in 2017. Their second album Old News, released last year, was recorded in Asheville within an old church turned studio and was completed within a six-day break in the middle of a busy tour. Not slowing down any, The Steel Woods is bringing their lyrical tales to fans across the country to promote their theme-driven album. Along with them on a huge portion of their stops is Tennessee Jet. The Steel Woods will be jumping on board with Whiskey Myers for the month of March, with several of the dates already sold out.

Whiskey Foxtrot

The guys manage to drag out the roots of what country used to be: life, love, heartache, cars and beer...

Whiskey Foxtrot. The Triad’s obvious local favorite to book as an opener for any southern rock or Americana visitor, takes the stage with their acoustic set. Seth Willams and Sam Foster are both handling the vocals and guitars while my favorite steampunk musician, Terry VunCannon shows off his lap steel guitar skills. I’ve reviewed Whiskey Foxtrot in its entirety before and their slimmed down version of the group does not disappoint either. Recently returning from Florida’s Southern Rock BBQ Festival, I saw no signs of exhaustion from the guys as they belted out their bluesy marriage of country rock and Americana. One of my favorite things about Whiskey Foxtrot is their ability to take back the classic sound of old school country without it being a superficial attempt at recreating a much-loved genre. The guys manage to drag out the roots of what country used to be: life, love, heartache, cars and beer…all without being cliché. Throwing in some modern grime to the grit of nostalgic sounds makes Whiskey Foxtrot stand out from the crowd. I love keeping track of where this group is headed, because it’s never going to be anywhere but up.

Sam Foster - Whiskey Foxtrot

Tennessee Jet

...crowd was in obvious awe of the flawless and powerful performance...

I’ve got to be a little honest at the risk of embarrassment. I had never heard of Tennessee Jet and had not done any research prior to the show. I had gone over to my equipment stash to change out lenses and cards while the stage changed over. I was still fumbling around with my camera bag by the time Tennessee Jet started up. I was already finding myself getting wrapped up in the energy and sound of the music. Easy percussion, clean guitar, bursts of harmonica, and smooth southern vocals. Ready to get back to my spot in front of the stage, I turned around and stopped in my tracks. Shocked. TJ McFarland was the only person on the entire stage. I stood frozen for a few seconds, completely in shock that I was witnessing a true One-Man Honkytonk Band. The rest of the crowd was in obvious awe of the flawless and powerful performance being entirely handled by a single person. Though I absolutely loved the entire evening, I honestly can’t stop talking about the amazing talent of this guy! I’ve already saturated my Spotify with every available Tennessee Jet track and even went on to learn that this dude has already landed his music in the most epic country commercial ever: Miller Lite. Listen to a few of his tracks before going over to YouTube to find a live performance. You will not believe this guy’s skills.

TJ McFarland - Tennessee Jet

The Steel Woods

These guys have wild hair, aged boots, tattered jeans and callused hands.

It’s hard to believe that The Steel Woods has only been around for a few years because their presence filled the stage with confidence and ease, as if the guys were twenty-year veterans of the Southern Rock world. Powerful vocals cut through your soul when Wes Bayliss begins to pull you into the vivid musical tales the group is known for. With a simple shift in tones, you find yourself closing your eyes to take in the pain and angst that’s being pried from the song’s soul to getting goosebumps with the haunting mellowness of a southern rock ballad. When we asked Wes what a fan’s biggest compliment can be, he responded “Th