The Lonely Ones Take The Stage!

Article and Photos by ZiZi Friesen

Last Saturday, July the 28th, The Lonely Ones brought all of us who went to their show in Pataskala out of the loneliness we have felt in almost 5 months without a live concert.

It has been a tough stretch of time for live music fans,  who had so many shows and festivals canceled or rescheduled for next year due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Many bands have been live streaming shows, and it's great - but nothing compares to being there, singing along with fellow fans. Spirits were high amongst the crowd, despite months of mask wearing and social distancing - music is one of the greatest unifiers, after all.

The band's debut show quenched our thirst for watching Marty, Tommy, Jimmy, and Jake perform live the singles they have recently released - Eternal Sadness, The Lonely One, and of course the cover of Queen's Flash.

The set also included new songs we heard for the first time. The Lonely Ones did not disappoint - they performed with the same energy and charisma they've been rocking since their past years of Bobaflex. 

In October, the band heads out on tour with dates in Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio.

Check announced shows on their Facebook page and Twitter, and also find links to their music videos already released.

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