PEPPER// Live @ The Blind Tiger // 02.18.20


Being a huge fan of Sublime back in my skateboarding days of baggy jeans, grungy shirts, and etnies made me incredibly excited to experience the Step to the Local Motion tour with their stop at The Greensboro Coliseum – Piedmont Hall. The 2020 tour brings together three amazing groups with reggae roots but distinctly different sounds: The Elovaters, Kash’d Out, and Pepper.


The Elovaters

With the instrumentals impeccably on point, paired with amazing harmonic vocals and funky vibe...

Kicking the night off, The Elovaters took the stage. These Boston natives have been coming up quickly with their 2018 album debuting at #1 on the Billboard and the iTunes Reggae Charts. Soon after, they brought in the bragging rights of being voted People’s Choice Album of the Year 2019 by Surf Roots TV & Radio. Despite their quick escalation through the ranks of reggae, these boys are seriously some of the most down to earth guys I’ve met so far in my concert endeavors. With the instrumentals impeccably on point, paired with amazing harmonic vocals and funky vibe, I realized quickly that I was going to have to pry their music out of my head since it was already adhered to my brain’s audio crevices. The best part of The Elovaters is the genuine joy you could see on each one of the guys’ faces due to their appreciation of the gratuitous crowd’s reaction to their performance. Don’t believe me? Go check them out on social media and read the reviews from their quickly growing fan base.

The Elovaters w/ Kaleo Wassman (PEPPER)


Kash'd Out child of an old southern rock group and California surfers...

Kash’d Out was up next and I spent their entire performance distracted and laughing at their energetic show. I didn’t even realize how caught up I had gotten into their entertainment until loading the evening’s photos and seeing that I only took a third of my typical amount of images. Even the crowd became so engaged and interactive that I had trouble getting clear shots with the flailing arms and inadvertent bumps and shoves from behind. These long-haired boys from Florida look like the love child of an old southern rock group and California surfers. I have to admit though, there was a pretty awesome manbun happening that I was a bit jealous of. Fresh on the Reggae/Rock scene, this passionate band has exploded since their debut album in 2017. The Hookup introduced fans across the country to the group’s catchy hooks and funky choruses. Despite being relatively new kids on the block, their music shows maturity while still maintaining fun and positive vibes they’ve come to be known for.

Joey Brohawn - Bass | Kash'd Out



Trio of laid-back dudes with beach bum vibes and reggae swagger...

Ending the evening with a bang, Pepper took over the entertainment with a vigorous burst of energy. The group originally started out as a duo in Hawaii as they changed drummers more often than their underwear in the early days. Eventually the middle school friends Kaleo Wassman and Bret Bollinger, came across Yesod Williams and Pepper was officially a trio from that day forward. Leaving the island for the mainland, the guys settled down in San Diego where they were soon picked up by Volcom Entertainment which paved their way to their first Vans Warped Tour in 2001.

Sharing the stage with the likes of Snoop Dog, 311, and one of their biggest sound influencers: Sublime, the trio of laid-back dudes with beach bum vibes and reggae swagger has made quite an impression on the Billboard charts. With the release of their 8th studio album Local Motion in 2019, Pepper teamed up with Kash’d Out and The Elovaters for the Step to the Local Motion Tour. Not only does Pepper have a powerhouse collection of original songs, but they have a humorous lineup of covers of popular music from all over the genre field.

The only thing that would have made the evening better would have been to have been outside with sand in my shoes and a drink in my hand. Though the temperatures were freezing, Pepper brought sunshine and warmth with their beachy pop sounds tangled up in funky reggae rock.

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