New Single "August" from Chicago Synth Pop BESTMAN is Your New Summer Jam

Photos by Jay Spiwak

BESTMAN is an impassioned synth-pop that blazes like an unruly bonfire on the beach. It’s the musical embodiment of a Jeep with no top or doors. The newest single “August” is a jam primed for the nights on the open highway fueled by retro tones. The windows are down and while they might be driving into a fiery, synthy sunset, this story is just beginning. Releasing May 29th, "August" is bound to be a summer favorite. Distinctly 80’s influenced without imitating and nostalgic without pandering, BESTMAN creates electronic music that tugs at the nostalgia of spring break- sunkissed days and dancing the night away with friends old and new. The recording project of Chicago native Brian Clouthier, BESTMAN started in the fall of 2017. Combining vibrant pop rhythms with driving bass and shining, melodic synths, the music mixes neon-soaked summer nights with Brian’s midwest backbone. 2019’s release “143” built the foundation for their sonic landscape and the sleek, high energy performances set the tone for BESTMAN's bright 2020.

“ August is a bit of a journey into the “highway song” for me. My goal for this music has always been for there to be a feeling of something familiar and nostalgic, but also new and exciting. I want August to have that feeling of nights you remember, but also that excitement of where you’re going.”

-Brian Clouthier

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