NC Musician John Foley interviewed by Baylee Avery

Article By Baylee Avery......

John Foley is a musician based in North Carolina. I met John through Instagram back in March when I shared my support for his set for the online music festival, Doomed Fest.

His musical background goes way back though.

“My father is a bass player and ever since I can remember has been playing with bands in Charlotte. They used to play in the room directly beneath mine and as a kid, I would fall asleep to the drums shaking my room while they practiced. So I've always been around music and my dad was the one who inspired me to start learning guitar and writing my own music,” says Foley. 

He wrote his first song at the age of six, titled “Rocky Road”, but he didn’t really start writing songs until the age of 16. That’s when he would start filling his notebooks with lyrics, as well as singing along to every record that would play in his household.

When talking about his songwriting process, he says that when he writes, he’s mostly telling fictional stories through his songs, but he doesn’t believe it’s possible to write a song that doesn’t contain and reflect personal experiences and truth. He then went on to say,

“Sometimes I don't even realize I'm writing about myself, but a few months later I'll listen to a recording and go, "Ohhhh so THAT’S what I was writing about." Like most musicians, writing is also a form of therapy for me that gives me an outlet to break down what I'm feeling and process my emotions.“

In 2016, he released his debut EP,  “Premonition”. Listen to the opening track and you’ll see that his musical style and voice really gives off a very 1960s/1970s rock ’n’ roll vibe, that continues through the rest of the six-track EP. 

He’s said that his writing style is mostly inspired by storytellers like Tom Petty, Dolly Parton, Robert Earle King, and Neil Young. His other major influences are Brandi Carlile, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, and Bob Dylan. 

In the four years since releasing “Premonition”, he’s released another EP, titled “Spectors” in 2018. That same year, he released a single titled, “Hey Little Witch”. Most recently, he released a single from his upcoming third EP, “Spirits”, in which the single is titled, “Follow The Water”, which gives off a true rock ’n’ roll/blues riff kind of sound.

There is something about John that really makes me think, “His music deserves to be heard. The world needs more music like this.” He is really bringing back something great into this world, and it is something that the modern rock world needs to hear. 

Needless to say, John has a bright future in music ahead and he will go places and inspire people with the music he creates.

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