NC Based BadCameo Breaks New Ground with single "Pink Leather"

Pink Leather is an ode to spontaneity - it originated as a Soundcloud jazz-hop beat which was composed, recorded, and produced in a frenzied burst one balmy July evening. It quickly became a fan favorite at live shows due to its thumping rhythms and seductive vocals. The finished product explores uncharted sonic avenues and experimental ideas, while paying homage to the original by keeping the 100% improvised lyrics and jazzy chord structure.

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina, indie-funk fusion band BadCameo blends all types of influences into a cocktail of disco-glam grooves … shaken not stirred! The band motto is "fuse whatever you got into this music", which is evident in their flamboyant stage persona, eclectic aesthetic, and use of props like their signature stuffed fish. Always immersing fans in an all-out dance party (the BC guarantee!), it’s clear that BadCameo is a band unlike any other.

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