Michael Imperioli, Cro-Mags Frontman Harley Flanagan Film “Between Wars” Pivots To Vimeo Release


Cro-Mags Front Man and Founder Harley Flanagan Makes Feature Film Debut Scoring Soundtrack Out Now on Vimeo: www.betweenwarsthemovie.com

BETWEEN WARS - BETWEEN WARS - Shot in nine days with one camera - A team that worked 15-hour days and nights during a heatwave in Philadelphia and the Bronx- No permits- No insurance- Barely any money to get food for cast and crew. Raw, independent filmmaking to the core.

“Working with Tom is exactly what independent filmmaking should be. Hit the ground running, roaming the streets, stealing shots, running, and gunning. It’s as far away from Hollywood as you can get and that’s the way we like it. All passion, inspiration, and fearlessness. Tom is as indomitable and tenacious as they come and that’s what it takes to make a truly independent movie… without a studio, on a shoestring budget, and defying the odds. This one is all heart and a fuck-of-a lot of soul.” --Michael Imperioli (GOODFELLAS; The Sopranos, LINCOLN RHYME: HUNT FOR THE BONE COLLECTOR)

At the height of The Sopranos’ fame, Michael Imperioli read Tom Phillips’ original script, BETWEEN WARS, during a screenwriting workshop at his STUDIO DANTE in NYC. He immediately agreed to come on board.

The screenplay, although optioned by Hollywood, sat on a shelf for nearly 2 years. At the same time, BETWEEN WARS co-writer and friend, Joe Panebianco, was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gherig’s disease), which he continues to fight to this day. This heartbreaking situation fueled Phillips’ resolve to take the project into his own hands and shoot the film himself.

Inspired by Ed Burns, Guy Ritchie, early Scorsese, Abel Ferrara and Tarantino, true independent filmmaking had always been Phillips’ original vision for BETWEEN WARS, and Panebianco’s illness was the wake-up call he needed to make it happen. Production began in 2019.

Artists, raw actors, veteran actors, musicians, rappers, IG personalities, ex-cons, and the NYC and Philadelphia arts communities all banded together to shoot BETWEEN WARS in extreme conditions with no time and no budget.”

“As an artist, I knew breaking rules was imperative for this story,” recounts Phillips. “In fact, the more rules the artists involved wanted to break – the more dynamic the story became. Anyone who came to work on this project learned very quickly that this was a different flow and the players were creating something different. Allowing the actors on set to explore their ideas and use it in a way that would vibrate through the screen into the soul of the audience was the intention.”

The film takes a unique approach in camera technique, led by Emmy-Award winner Director of Photography Alastair Christopher, giving the audience the feeling that they are