LORD OF THE LOST To Release New Ensemble Album, Swan Songs III

New Official Video For “A One Ton Heart” Out Today | Watch HERE!

Dive away, a million years and a day, a one ton heart never breaks all the way. Dark metal sensation LORD OF THE LOST returns with their newest offering in their classic ensemble album series: Swan Songs III, the long-awaited successor to Swan Songs II, will be released via Napalm Records on August 7, 2020.  Deeply emotional storytelling melding with beautiful harmonies and Chris Harms’ palpitation-inducing deep vocals make Swan Songs III absolutely exceptional. The first single, “A One Ton Heart”, presents itself as a powerful ballad that makes the listener dive away with heavenly piano parts, underlined by delicate acoustic guitars and soft drum rhythms that take the listener onto a musical journey. Watch the absolutely outstanding and surprisingly historical video – featuring hand saws, classical string instruments and the beauty of violence – below! LORD OF THE LOST on the new single and video: “Since the founding of LORD OF THE LOST, we have been wanting to shoot a video like this one. Unfortunately, none of our songs have ever fit to such a video. That hasn’t really changed with “A One Ton Heart”, but we didn’t want to wait any longer. So the video - in its non-existent statement - and our absurd looks have absolutely nothing to do with the song. Fortunately, the song didn’t care about that at all. And we have fulfilled another dream." Watch the new official video for “A One Ton Heart” HERE!

Pre-order Best Of The Blessed at THIS LOCATION! † DECLARATION † No living instruments were harmed during the filming of this music video clip. All instruments have already been dead and unplayable before. After the shoot their mortal remains were cremated in an adequate satanic ritual. The standard version of Swan Songs III consists of new songs, all recorded with The Lord Of The Lost-Ensemble, and brand new versions of a hand-picked selection of LORD OF THE LOST classics, including the standout 18-minute-long song “Letters To Home” For all Dark metal connoisseurs, Swan Songs III comes with a high quality deluxe box, including the instrumental Swan Symphonies III-versions of all songs and previously unreleased demo versions of eight new songs. As a special bonus, there is a full live set, recorded at their 10th anniversary show in 2019 in their hometown of Hamburg. More than five hours of LORD OF THE LOST in all facets on seven CDs!  Swan Songs III will be available in multiple formats, including a high-class Earbook, a box set and a 2LP Gatefold Vinyl. The album is a gift to all music fans and marks the next highlight in LORD OF THE LOST's musical career. LORD OF THE LOST on the album: "The Swan Songs project started as a musical infidelity, continued in a beloved carry-on and became like a second musical DNA. Meanwhile, we feel at home in our second musical facet, as well as in our classifying LORD OF THE LOST sound / shell. Swan Songs III has a musical depth that even surprises ourselves with a certain distance to its finishing. It is by no means the last part of a trilogy, but so far our personal highlight of LORD OF THE LOST’s classical-career.” Pre-Order Swan Songs III TODAY! Swan Songs III will be available in the following formats:

Tracklist Swan Songs III CD1:

1.        A Splintered Mind

2.        A One Ton Heart

3.        Dying On The Moon (feat. Joy Frost)

4.        Zunya

5.        Unfeel

6.        Deathless

7.        Agape

8.        Hurt Again

9.        Amber

10.        We Were Young (feat. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Choir)

11.        4’33”

12.        Dying On The Moon (Joyless Version)

13.        We Were Young (feat. HEAVEN CAN WAIT Choir - ZDF Version) 

Tracklist Swan Songs III CD2: 

1.      Loreley (Swan Songs III Version)

2.      Morgana (Swan Songs III Version)

3.      Black Halo (Swan Songs III Version)

4.      Cut Me Out (Swan Songs III Version)

5.      In Silence (Swan Songs III Version)

6.      Seven Days of Anavrin (Swan Songs III Version)

7.      My Heart Is Black (Swan Songs III Version)

8.      Letters To Home (Swan Songs III Version)

Tracklist Swan Symphonies III CD1:

1.      A Splintered Mind (Swan Symphonies III Version)

2.      A One Ton Heart (Swan Symphonies III Version)

3.      Dying On The Moon (Swan Symphonies III Version)

4.      Zunya (Swan Symphonies III Version)

5.      Unfeel (Swan Symphonies III Version)

6.      Deathless (Swan Symphonies III Version)

7.      Agape (Swan Symphonies III Version)

8.      Hurt Again (Swan Symphonies III Version)

9.      Amber (Swan Symphonies III Version)

10.    We Were Young (Swan Symphonies III Version)

Tracklist Swan Symphonies III CD2:

1.      Loreley (Swan Symphonies III Version)

2.      Morgana (Swan Symphonies III Version)

3.      Black Halo (Swan Symphonies III Version)

4.      Cut Me Out (Swan Symphonies III Version)

5.      In Silence (Swan Symphonies III Version)

6.      Seven Days of Anavrin (Swan Symphonies III Version)

7.      My Heart Is Black (Swan Symphonies III Version)

8.      Letters To Home (Swan Symphonies III Version)

Tracklist Swan Songs Demos:

1.      A Splintered Mind (Demo)

2.      A One Ton Heart (Demo)

3.      Dying On The Moon (Demo)

4.      Zunya (Demo)

5.      Unfeel (Demo)

6.      Hurt Again (Demo)

7.      Amber (Demo)

8.      We Were Young (Demo)

Tracklist Opus X CD1:

1.      Lament For The Condemned (Live In Hamburg 2019)

2.      Morgana (Live In Hamburg 2019)

3.      Prison (Live In Hamburg 2019)

4.      Sex On Legs (Live In Hamburg 2019)

5.      I.D.G.A.F. (Live In Hamburg 2019)

6.      Die Tomorrow (Live In Hamburg 2019)

7.      Black Lolita (Live In Hamburg 2019)

8.      Dry The Rain (Live In Hamburg 2019)

9.      One Day Everything Will Be Okay (Live In Hamburg 2019)

10.    Credo (Live In Hamburg 2019)

Tracklist Opus X CD2:

1.      Raining Stars (Live In Hamburg 2019)

2.      Full Metal Whore (Live In Hamburg 2019)

3.      Loreley (Live In Hamburg 2019)

4.      Voodoo Doll (Live In Hamburg 2019)

5.      Forevermore (Live In Hamburg 2019)

6.      Blood For Blood (Live In Hamburg 2019)

7.      Six Feet Underground (Live In Hamburg 2019)

8.      La Bomba (Live In Hamburg 2019)

9.      Trisma (Live In Hamburg 2019)

10.    Drag Me To Hell (Live In Hamburg 2019)


The LORD OF THE LOST Ensemble 2020:

Chris Harms: Vocals, Violoncello, Semi Acoustic Guitar

π: Acoustic Guitar

Bengt Jaeschke: Acoustic Guitar

Class Grenayde: Acoustic Bass

Gared Dirge: Grand Piano

Corvin Bahn: Organ, Harpsichord, Celeste

Maline Zickow: 1st Violin

Felicitas Fischbein: 2nd Violin

Ida Luzie Phlipp: Viola

Miriam Göbel: Violoncello

Julia C. Pfänder: Contrabass

Niklas Kahl: Percussions

Daniel Möhrke: Percussions

Henrik Petschull: Percussions

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