In Honor of Taylor Momsen's Birthday!

Article By Baylee Avery

On July 26th, Taylor Momsen turned 27. In honor of her birthday, I thought it would be best to write about, what I think is, The Pretty Reckless’ Top Five Best Songs.

To give a little background on her, Momsen originally started off as an actress, most known for her roles in How The Grinch Stole Christmas and Gossip Girl. In 2010, her band The Pretty Reckless, released their debut album Light Me Up. 

In the years since, they released two other albums, Going To Hell and Who You Selling For and are gonna be releasing their fourth album soon, titled Death By Rock and Roll. They’ve even opened for some pretty big names in rock music, such as Guns N’ Roses, Evanescence, and Soundgarden.

Let’s get started on this list. 

5: Miss Nothing

If you’re looking for a song that really gives off the teenage angst vibe, look no further than Miss Nothing. 

As a young teenager, I used to play this certain song on repeat and sing along to the lyrics, and let myself fall in love with Momsen’s snarly vocals and the chorus. The guitar riffs by guitarist, Ben Phillips is what also a pretty big standout trait in the song, which is a great addition.

The song really gives off the combination of a punk-rock, 90’s grunge sort of sound and to me, that’s what makes the song as enjoyable as it is, as well as Momsen’s gritty rock vibe to her vocals. I would actually consider that as a big part of my angsty years as a teenager. 

4: Just Tonight

This song was the third and final single off The Pretty Reckless’ debut album, and what a way to make this the final single off their debut. 

This song always gave me sort of an Evanescence vibe, the music video did the same thing for me, as it reminded me of the Call Me When You’re Sober music video. Nevertheless, this song really explains what it’s like to feel stuck in a relationship.

The lyrical content Momsen provided, the acoustic guitar, and orchestra are all what makes this song so extraordinarily beautiful. 

3: Follow Me Down

Just thought I’d add before I get into this one, if you’ve never listened to this song before, please skip to about 27 seconds in, or use headphones when listening, or just turn the volume down a bit.

Reason why is because at the beginning, you’ll hear a very pornographic introduction, which was provided by Momsen’s friend Jenna Haze,  to the song, which made my 16 year old self blush when first listening. After those 27 seconds, you hear it progress into a nice hard rock sound.

This song was the opening track on their second album, Going To Hell. The lyrical content of the song definitely has its fair share of talk of sexual content, and it’s certainly the most sexual song off the album, and it also tends to switch from electric rock to acoustic rock.

With how well composed this song was and the guitar transitions throughout the song, I say it was a great opener for Going To Hell.

2: Blame Me

This song easily has such an upbeat tone to it, which probably makes it the most upbeat off of Going To Hell, almost like an 80’s synth vibe.

This song is a pretty big standout on the record, compared to other tracks.The sound is enjoyable and the lyrics being sung by Momsen was certainly a treat, if I say so myself. 

It’s one of those songs that’s easy to get stuck in your head, but ’s worth it.

1: Death By Rock and Roll

Now we get to number one on this list - Their newest single, Death By Rock And Roll.

The song starts off with a nice guitar riff, which is already a fantastic opening, and then the very start of the lyrics makes a reference to Momsen’s Gossip Girl character Jenny Humphrey, in which Momsen sings, 

Jenny died of suicide 

With a candle burnin' in her eye”

This song also almost makes me think of Heaven Knows, which is a single off of Going To Hell

This song also recently managed to land number one on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock songs, which marks the band’s fifth number one single overall. The song also currently has over 2 millions streams on Spotify. 

This song is certainly a pleasant rock song and is a great start to a brand new era for the band. Let’s see what else they’ll give us when they release the new album!

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