"Have you ever wondered what would happen if you combined a battle rooster with a sex dream?"

UnHinged Magazine would like to introduce our readers to Harshmellow! Harshmellow comes to us by way of Melbourne, Australia. They are described as "Acoustic Deathpop".

Tom Christen is also the lead singer and guitarist for Dreamworm.

UnHinged was lucky enough to snag an interview with the members of Harshmellow:

Chloe Garrett: Vocals/Guitar/Violin

Tom Lee Christen: Vocals/Guitar

What first got you both into music?

Tom: Watching music videos and listening to my cousins' mix tapes. I started playing guitar because my brother was given one, he never played it but I did.

Chloe: My mum is a singer and my dad is a music lover. I never stood a chance at not being a musician. I started formal training with violin and singing at age 6, then fell in love with progressive music at 13.

What is the bands creative process like?

Chloe: Some songs we've written separately and then brought to each other, some are more of a collaboration. We try not to get stuck in one way of doing things. If I'm writing lyrics, it's often about issues that I'm having. I don't usually feel like I can make a whole song out of a happy feeling. I think Tom and I have that in common!

Tom: Yes it's different for each song. I write most of the guitar parts and Chloe writes most of the lyrics, vocal melodies and violin parts, but on some of our songs Chloe wrote the guitar and I wrote the lyrics. And yes, lyrically we both are drawn toward darker themes often, but not exclusively. I occasionally try to include a glimmer of positivity in amongst all the angst.

Who would the band most like to collaborate with?

Tom: If I had a genie in a bottle, I'd love to write songs with some of my favourite songwriters like Corey Taylor, Dave Grohl or Trent Reznor.

Chloe: I'm waiting for Steven Wilson and Jim Grey from Caligula's Horse to call me. Any day now.

If the band could go open a show for any artist who would it be?