Half Hearted - Self Titled Album

HALF HEARTED //Debut Album // Released March 2020

Reviewed by: Amanda Leonard

Half Hearted’s brand new, self-titled album begins with “I’m in Danger” that starts out with slow, slightly synthesized harmonics that thought I might have mixed up playlists and had fallen upon a boy-band.  When the crushing riffs barrel in, they snatch away my confusion.  Within the first few songs of the album, I quickly see that Half Hearted isn’t your typical rock band and they aren’t afraid to flaunt their unique sound.

Instead of the constant drone and drag I get exhausted of hearing in so many rock playlists, Half Hearted boasts edgy lyrics married to melodic tempos.  No sooner than you start getting wrapped up in the catchy hooks than they sucker punch you with a powerful breakdown of grit and emotion, that’s true to the core of rock’s foundation.

There is absolutely no doubt that Half Hearted is a rock band, full of the heavy elements and broody anger the genre is known for.  However, the guys stand out from the rest by throwing in fresh mixes of newer sounds.  As the album ebbs and flows between raw angst and melodic interjections, I found myself comparing it to a robust mesh of Panic! At the Disco meets Daughtry and had a love child with Fall Out Boy.

Half Hearted stays loyal to the genre with the heavier sexy side of rock while making a mistress of the frisky freshness of today’s newer rock sounds.

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