Greg Hoy & The Boys scheduled to release a new single!

Plug in & play rock trio Greg Hoy & The Boys should be touring right now but they aren't so they're leaving while they stay - the new single 'Leaving While You Stay' following their 6 song LP 'Enjoy the View' which was recorded by Steve Albini  (Nirvana, Pixies) & mixed by Sylvia Massy (Tool, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty). 'Leaving While You Stay' was recorded to 2 inch tape in secret at Tiny Telephone, SF. Mastered by Steve Turnidge.

Greg Hoy is many things. He’s a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, a recording producer, a recording engineer, something of a marketing guru, a jingle and sound composer and producer, a “people engineer” in the tech world, an art director, and a label owner. But when you boil it all down—he’s really just a guy in a band. 

“Music is in everything I do. Recruiting and hiring people is just like putting a band together. I’ve been fortunate that both sides of my brain work in tandem,” the San Francisco-based artist says with a good-natured laugh. 

When you do more, you do more. So, maybe, it’s the collective inertia of all his projects that propels Greg’s prolific output? Somehow, between wearing so many hats — including tirelessly touring the nation in a vintage Airstream on the Limited Mileage tour — he made time to write and a record a refreshingly eclectic, 22-song double-vinyl self-tiled concept album released as the self-titled Greg Hoy & The Boys.

And his newest release amidst this national tour, Enjoy the View, was recorded mostly live by audio legend Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey) in Chicago & mixed in Oregon by the equally amazing Sylvia Massy (Tool, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers). Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, the band pushes the limits as a meaty 3 piece. The result is an immediately hooky slab of caffeinated, propulsive, plug-in-and-play rock n roll.

To date, the restless creative has issued over 30 albums under various monikers, including The Royal Panics, Greg Hoy (“no boys” for intimate releases), Greg Hoy & The Boys, and Twice As Bright. Mostly these days, he fires up Greg Hoy & The Boys, a loose collective of friends and trusted musicians that includes boys and girls. 

Greg’s vibrantly diverse output harkens back to the bedroom 4-track visionary aesthetic of 1990s indie-rock, as epitomized by Guided By Voices and its fearless leader Bob Pollard. When you distill it all down, Greg plays retro rock n’ roll meticulously crafted from the timeless essentials of infectious melodies paired with undeniable grooves. Yet, within this focused path, Greg issues diverse albums aligned in spirit with such singular artists as Jack White, Dave Grohl, Neil Young, Queens Of The Stone Age, Cake, The Jam, The Who, and The Beatles. “All the ‘the something’ bands,” Greg playfully adds. 

Throughout his wildly fishtailing career, Greg has worked with Glenn Branca, J. Robins, Steve Albini, and drummer Steve Sutherland, late of Grant Hart's Nova Mob, among others. Greg’s songs have been featured on network television shows such as One Tree Hill and MTV's Made. Select live highlights in Greg’s career include performances at Noise Pop, SXSW, CMJ, and on the main stage at Latitude Festival in the UK.

When off stage or not recording as an artist, Greg runs the record label, 30 Peak, and does production / soundtrack work under the name earhopper. In this latter context, his music and sound design has been featured in Pinterest brand videos, American Express commercials, and as game effects for the software platform Adobe. Outside of the world of sonics, Greg works as a “people engineer” in tech, and he’s known for having hired & built the first creative teams for Facebook, Pinterest, and Lyft.

Greg’s story in music begins at the tender age of 5 with the big ba