Dreamy Alternative and Baroque Pop

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, Lorelei Rose Taylor carefully treads the space between dreamy alternative and baroque pop telling stories of love, lust, and loss. Through cinnamon butter vocals and raw, lyrically pungent storytelling, she draws inspiration from the likes of The Cranberries, Jewel, Stevie Nicks, Florence and the Machine, and Sinead O’Connor.

She’s gearing up to release her debut EP next month, and is kicking things off with the release of the title track, “Versailles,” which was released today. Would love for you to share it with your readers! Give it a spin here: https://open.spotify.com/track/0dZwmEBLtPhNKxDIOj6oXF?si=kuvJQzB2SWCY0D4RQTZh2g

“‘Versailles' embodies a sort of cosmic dance between two people very much in love, but very toxic for each other – and everyone around them. The Palace of Versailles was a landmark in a near decade-long relationship for me, one which became a symbolic memory – a beautiful place to visit, but we couldn't live there,” shares Taylor. 

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