Dream Theater

Updated: Mar 14

Dream Theater

Duke Energy Center, Raleigh, NC
March 11, 2022

Dream Theater was back again after last playing here at the Duke Energy Center for Performing Arts/Raleigh Memorial Auditorium on October 5, 2019. I was privileged to receive credentials to shoot the Boston band again this time around.

Dream Theater is a Boston based band originally named Majesty by members John Petrucci, John Myung and past member Mike Portnoy back in 1985. All of whom dropped out of Berklee College of Music to pursue the band and their music more fully.

I would call Dream Theater a rock musicians rock band because of their complexity, rhythms and sound. I was surprised to see only about two thirds of the seats filled for their show… But there was one other concert running that night. I was approved for the other show but picked to see and cover Dream Theater.

This tour Dream Theater are out supporting their latest album A View from the Top of the World released in 2021. The band wisely using the pandemic to take a break from touring and writing/producing the new album.

The show opens with Mike Mangini’s sudden and energetic drum intro to The Alien off the new LP. Then moving back to 1994's 6:00 off the Awake album. The rest of the show moved around the rest of their outstanding catalog of music. It was a night of brilliant, energetic music as you would expect form musicals as talented and these gentlemen.

Current members

John Petrucci – guitars (1985–present), backing vocals (1989, 1996–present)[125]

John Myung – bass (1985–present)

James LaBrie – lead vocals (1991–present)

Jordan Rudess – keyboards, piano (1999–present)

Mike Mangini – drums, percussion (2010–present)

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