Decent CriminalExclusively Premieres New Music Video“Bleached” via The Noise

With a sound reminiscent of ‘90s alternative, punk, surf, and power-pop, Northern CA's Decent Criminal offers catchy, upbeat songs that mercilessly collide with abrasive and often melancholy undertones, to bring forth a style that is both playfully compatible, and inadvertently raw. Today, the four-piece is exclusively premiering the music video for their recent song “Bleached” via The Noise, which can be watched here.

“'Bleached' is a non-fiction long distance love story: two dreamers infatuated with each other, romanticizing what could be if only distance and circumstance weren’t in the way,” shares lead vocalist, Tristan Martinez. The song comes off of the band’s 11-track album, Bliss, released last year.

In 2014, brothers Hunter and Tristan Martinez took what was already an active touring act, and rebuilt it from the ground up, giving the band a new sound and set of players. Hunter, the band’s only original member, switched from guitar/vocals to drums, and the band never skipped a beat. Tristan, who was at one point the band’s fill in bass player, took on the key roles of guitarist and primary songwriter. The two brothers enlisted the services of bassist/vocalist Alex Kouninos, and later guitarist/vocalist Brian Gellman to round out the sound. The new band quickly developed their own style, with unique three part vocal harmony permeating their recordings, and live performances. In 2018, Jesse Hernandez (Caskitt) joined to entourage on bass guitar to complete the current lineup.

Since the overhaul, Decent Criminal has released a 7” split w/ Screaming Mimi’s in 2015, a self-titled debut LP in 2016, "Bloom” full length LP via Dodgeball Records in 2017 and most recently “Bliss” LP (via Bearded Punk/Wiretap Records). Over the past few years, Decent Criminal has picked up some serious momentum, thanks to a combination of prolific songwriting, and a relentless drive to tour and play live. 

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Video Credits:

  • Written, produced and edited by Emmy Award Winning editor Eric Michael Schrader (National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero”)

  • Filmed by Kevin T. Miller + Lisa Mason Lee

  • Starring Elena Maravelias (Actress/Model) + Frank Pascale

  • Makeup by Heather Galipo (CBS’ Star Trek: Picared, FOX’s The Orville, Netflix’s Hollywood, and more)

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