Chris Lane

Updated: Mar 1

Chris Lane

@ The Ritz Raleigh, NC
February 25, 2022

Ernest gave the young lades the roses in this image at the end of his set.

I hate to tell you all. That is the ONLY picture I can post from Chris Lanes show. I have my typical 25 images picked out for the review but his management only picked this one of me to post... I had some great shots too. I also can not use any pictures from his opening acts Lily Rose or Ernest.

Chris's show did not start out well for me... I was the only local photographer to shoot the show (guy with camera is Chris's videographer). Chris comes out from back stage holding a full beer. Walks right up in front of me and throws the beer. Who do you think got half that cup dumped on him... Could have been a good picture if he had done it from somewhere else.

Chris started the show with Fix and quickly moved onto Take it Back Home Girl followed by Hold You Tonight.

Chris was full in energy bouncing and moving across the stage. As you can see, he was also engaging with the audience which was obviously filled with women and young ladies.

I am only allowed to take pictures during the first 3 songs (as usual) and generally go put the camera away. Then go back to watch the rest of the show for the review. But I was not standing around with half a cup of beer dumped on me and needed to go home to clean off my cameras and lenses.

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