Following on from the release of their EP Into Graphite in November,Carringtonfollow up with an acoustic cover for their track Quiver.

When speaking on the track Emmett (Vocalist) says: "Every relationship experiences ups and downs, whether that’s with spouses or with friends and family. At the time when I wrote this song I was experiencing a battle for time with someone where I felt like my interests were not valued as much as theirs. Playing a show, pouring my heart out and not having the people I admire most there to support says a lot about what they think, as well as how I act. It was a bit of an eye opener putting these words to paper about how I treated others, and how I should give more to the people I love. The title is a bit of a play on  the idea that using a tool like a pencil can create light and darkness; the more you give, the more you get"

Carringtonlook forward to getting back to live shows; once safe to do so.

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