Black Stone Cherry

Black Stone Cherry // Live @ Cone Denim Entertainment Center // 08.28.21

Steve Jewell (Bass Guitar) | Chris Robertson (Lead Vocals) | Ben Wells (Guitar) | John Fred Young (Drums) - Black Stone Cherry

We had to dust off the cameras and re-cinch the concert harness so we could could come out of our not-so-brief hiatus from the live music world. COVID-19 impacted the industry in countless ways but some managed to pull through the dismal months and hit the stage running. UnHinged Magazine was honored to have Black Stone Cherry as one of the first post-COVID performances we were able to attend. The bug has bitten and that love for the music and passion for the photography has taken over once more. Watch out, World! UnHinged is coming to a pit near you!


Joey Whitaker

...couldn't help but have a shit-eatin' grin...

A down-to-earth guy with an epic beard and backwards ball cap by the name of Joey Whitaker warmed the crowd up for Black Stone Cherry. The local musician started out with vague interest from the concert-goers as they ordered drinks and settled into their chosen spots, but before the first note was strung, laughter and curiosity began flowing freely. By the time Whitaker made it through the first number, he had captivated the crowd and all eyes were on him. One couldn't help but have a shit-eatin' grin on their face while watching the North Carolina native belt out his eclectic set of well-known songs. His deep gritty vocals gave an amazing rendition of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues but also gave listeners an unexpected treat of Get Low by Lil Jon and the Eastside Boyz. The disappointment was tangible when Joey had to exit the stage and I guarantee his number of followers surged with hundreds of new fans sure to seek out any future performances.

Joey Whitaker


Black Stone Cherry

...huge riffs, slamming drums, vibey guitar, and intense lyrics left you vibrating with pure rock euphoria...

Black Stone Cherry released their seventh album titled The Human Condition in the midst of the COVID-19 chaos. Despite the world being blanketed with dismal and depressing months, the album's lead single "Again" became their highest charting single on the Canada Rock Chart and the first time since 2014 a single reached Top 20 on the Mainstream Rock Airplay Chart in the US.

Cone Denim is, by far, one of my favorite venues to shoot at. The atmosphere is always full of positive energy buzzing, great employees, and the best random performances from big wig bands stopping through while on tour.

Despite the havoc that the pandemic has caused for crowd size, I was excited that BSC still drew a great crowd to Greensboro. Lacking only one original member (Jon Lawhorn), these guys didn't have to dust off a thing. Their energy was just as contagious as before the country shut down and I'm not sure if Ben Wells ever had both feet on the ground for more than two seconds at a time. Trying to keep up with these guys left me sore for days as I pulled out my Matrix-style moves to snag shots. You could tell they were finally back where they belonged: on stage and in front of loyal fans.

Songs from their new album showcased their full range of operation within the rock genre. From swampy and angsty to frantic and tense, each song is saturated with emotion-filled stories and personal journeys of the members. Huge riffs, slamming drums, vibey guitar, and intense lyrics left you vibrating with pure rock euphoria.

I don't see Black Cherry Stone slowing down anytime soon.

Ben Wells - Black Stone Cherry


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