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Bad Cameo // Live @ Gas Hill Drinking Room (The Ramkat) // 03.14.20

BadCameo (And their epic tour van)

Guest Contributor: Michele Taylor (Michele Gill Taylor Photography)

Winston Salem, NC | Landing on Spotify's "Fresh Finds" playlist within a week of releasing their debut single back in 2017, BadCameo has been snatching up fans left and right with their funky sounds, fresh lyrics and fun shows. The Winston Salem natives are quirky in style and music, combining unlikely genres of funk, jazz, Latin, rock, blues, and country.

*** Pre-Show Interview with BadCameo HERE ***


The level of energy he has when he performs flows into the audience...

A clip of MontyTheHokage's bio shows that he's "A new take on a melting pot rapper out of Pittsburgh, but chillin in Nc. As someone trying to bring some light into being young, and just enjoy life kicking back. love to mix things up so sometimes my music is fast with a summer vibe, sometimes is fast with a cypher feel, and some times slow with a jazzy feel. Always willing to step out of my comfort zone for something new."

The evening starts out with Monty, who changes the energy of the room even before he starts his set. He makes a point to walk around and speak to everyone, shake their hand, and make them feel welcomed to the show. The level of energy he has when he performs flows into the audience while he engages and encourages them to dance and have a great time. When you are at a show, you can see from his many facial expressions that he is passionate about his music and the people who come to listen to it. The venue was accommodating and welcoming to everyone who came in and danced along with him. At the end of his set, he invited the band members of BadCameo to play a few songs with him. BadCameo playing their instruments in the back gave Monty's music a whole new sound. The crowd loved it.



Jay Alexander

"I'm a noisemaker. I make noise, noise that I want the world to hear."

Jay Alexander and his band brought a positive energy and vibe to the room. From where I stood, I could not see one person sitting, everyone was up, smiling, and dancing. The atmosphere was positive and laid back. It felt as if you were having a jam session with a bunch of your friends in someone's living room. The sound quality was phenomenal and carried exceptionally well throughout the small quaint intimate space. The musicians were engaging and the audience was feeding off of it. My favorite part, the one moment I took home with me, was when I let go for a brief moment in time and become one with the music during their cover of Prince's Purple Rain. I have not heard of this band before the show, but I am looking forward to seeing them blow me away again.

Jay Alexander



...felt like I took a trip back to the days of love and peace...

There are so many wonderful things to be said about BadCameo, but the one thing that comes to mind when I think back on their show is how they love to get funky, groovy, and have a great time with their music and audience. They are a sweet, charismatic, and down to earth group of guys who have a deep rooted passion for their music. During my in-person interview, they told me how they love to jam and promote other musicians, no matter their skill level. Before their set, they jammed with their friend, Monty from MontytheHokage. Once their set started, after the first strum of their guitar and seeing their stage attire, I felt like I took a trip back to the days of love and peace. Although, I am too young to know about such days, I am quite sure it had to have had a similar sound and vibe. One thing that you will notice right away when you meet BadCameo is their brotherhood and symbolism. One important thing I learned is they all wear a ring of some sort during their shows. These rings they wear are vintage and important to them as a band of brothers. During my in-person interview, I also learned that the singer, Lando, gets his best advice from his bandmates. They feed off of each other and grow from one another. During their show, they encouraged everyone to get up and dance. Even if you are shy and didn't want to, after a while, they beat of their music made you want to regardless. Near the end of the show, the bass player ran out into the audience and danced with some of the people in the front row and ran outside to the patio area to dance some more. Once he came back inside, he stood on the stool of his keyboard and by the end of the song, jumped off. The energy level was high, intense, and stayed that way long after their set ended. The vibe was grooving and the audience loved it.

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