Anna Rose

Anna Rose // Live @ Salvage Station // 03.07.20

Anna Rose

I’ll start out by saying that I could absolutely do a separate review on the venue, Salvage Station, all on its own. The atmosphere, environment, staff, drinks, food….EVERYTHING… was so impressive I was almost in shock. However, this is about Anna Rose. I just wanted to point out how lucky I was to be able to experience her in such an accommodating and fun venue.

To set the scene, we’ll start off with my view. Sitting on my barstool perch next to the merch table, I was sipping on a rum and coke (minus a straw, because it’s Asheville after all). Two separate bars made it easy to snag some attentive service from friendly staff. The site has acres of awesome, with rambling sites of sitting sites and fire pits scattered throughout. Warmer nights warrant huge outdoor events, but it was a crisp 30 degrees at 6pm and I was grateful we were gathering inside the renovated salvage garage. As we’re escorted in with genuine hospitality, we’re met immediately by the veteran door greeter, Ms. Kitty: a junkyard kitty that has been there since before the venue was up and running.

So I enjoyed getting a few head rubs in while people began to find their spots for the night, whifs of the on-site “restaurant” with a gourmet food truck vibe floating through the doors. Intertwined with the food smells were fire pits burning and craft beer pouring. I was in my zone and the vibe was so mellow, I really wanted to start looking at available property in the area. These were my people.

Salvage Station was quickly filled, but despite being packed, people were so considerate to each other. Manners and chill were present and everyone just wanted to enjoy the evening. As I sat in my corner, I even had various strangers strike up small talk with eager smiles and I felt at home with my newest venture.

Anna Rose

...she immediately radiated sexy attitude with rocker sass...

Then there was Anna Rose. Saturated from birth with music and dance, she’s known nothing but talent, passion and love for the arts. But it doesn’t come from birthright alone. Anna has fought through hurdles that would have made most people throw in the towel a long time ago. Coming onto stage, she immediately radiated sexy attitude with rocker sass. Her confident vocals demanded attention as she introduced herself, the crowd began to swarm to the stage as if in a trance. When she began to sing, the place went silent, mesmerized by Anna. I noticed folks nudging each other with smiles as if saying, “You see this chick? This is good stuff!”

And it was. Anna’s sound has that gritty finish that many singers smoke a carton of cigarettes a day to achieve, while you know hers’ is a natural rasp. She uses that rasp with her smooth, bluesy tone to belt out an amazing show. Despite her petite frame and pretty face, Anna showed no mercy with her set list and each song was fiercer than the last. Her ferocity turned to goosebumps when she started her own version of Fleetwood Mac’s Rhiannon. The entire venue went still and stood in awe at the powerhouse performance that was Anna Rose.

Anna Rose

Promoting her newest album, The Light Between, Anna has been traveling all over the country sharing her sweet f-bombs and sultry rock to fans in all types of venues. After the show she sauntered over to the merch table and was immediately ambushed by devoted fans eager to praise her performance and new-found fans wanting to meet their newest musical infatuation. Eventually Anna was able to find a window of opportunity to slip away and we were escorted away to her Green Room. Speaking of, to add to the nostalgia of the venue, they had converted retired shipping containers into the artists’ private spaces and they were absolutely brilliant.

Anna Rose

The Interview

"I can have ten bad shows but then have a show like this tonight, where everyone is listening and people are paying attention...none of that [bad] stuff matters..."

Industrial string lights back lit sheer drapes, giving the space a warm and inviting feel as we settled onto the couches as if we’d known Anna for years and she just got back into town to visit. Introductions were made and we slid flawlessly into interview questions as if we were just catching up on life together.