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Genre: Rock

"...for the people who keep coming up short, but never quit."

Half Hearted is a rock band based out of Hartford, Connecticut, consisting of Sean Dalke (vocals), Jason Grandell (guitar), Parker Fortune (drums) and Nicolas Viglione (bass). Their EP How To Be Alone was released in fall of 2018, in the middle of the band's first full US/Canada tour. Half Hearted had their first sold out headline show in their home state in February of 2019, followed by the release of their latest single 'Eighteen' shortly after, which has broken 100K streams. After spending the majority of 2019 writing and recording, the band’s debut album is completed and is being released March 20th, 2020.

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Sean Dalke



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Album: Half Hearted

ARTIST: Half hearted
RELEASED: March 20, 2020

Review BY: Amanda Leonard (UnHinged Magazine)

Half Hearted’s brand new, self-titled album begins with “I’m in Danger” that starts out with slow, slightly synthesized harmonics that thought I might have mixed up playlists and had fallen upon a boy-band.  When the crushing riffs barrel in, they snatch away my confusion.  Within the first few songs of the album, I quickly see that Half Hearted isn’t your typical rock band and they aren’t afraid to flaunt their unique sound.

Instead of the constant drone and drag I get exhausted of hearing in so many rock playlists, Half Hearted boasts edgy lyrics married to melodic tempos.  No sooner than you start getting wrapped up in the catchy hooks than they sucker punch you with a powerful breakdown of grit and emotion, that’s true to the core of rock’s foundation.

There is absolutely no doubt that Half Hearted is a rock band, full of the heavy elements and broody anger the genre is known for.  However, the guys stand out from the rest by throwing in fresh mixes of newer sounds.  As the album ebbs and flows between raw angst and melodic interjections, I found myself comparing it to a robust mesh of Panic! At the Disco meets Daughtry and had a love child with Fall Out Boy.

Half Hearted stays loyal to the genre with the heavier sexy side of rock while making a mistress of the frisky freshness of today’s newer rock sounds.

UnHinged Interview w/ Half Hearted


You guys just had your first full-length album released…. What all goes into making an album?


An album is so much work to create, and it has literally consumed over a year of our lives. Whether it’s writing songs, recording songs, throwing away ones that aren’t good enough, or even struggling to execute a good idea and make it perfect, there are just so many steps in the process of creating something like this. Then, releasing the album and figuring out a strategy/plan is an entirely new process filled with just as many difficulties. It’s all worth it in the end though!


What is the bands creative process?


We start almost every song out with a vocal idea. Sometimes it’s just a chorus, and sometimes it could be a full song of just vocals. Then, we write guitar/drums/bass/synth to fit the vibe of the vocals. We self-record everything we do, so then the last step is taking our completed song and recording it to the best of our ability!


How did the band decide on the name Half Hearted?


Honestly, it doesn’t really mean anything. We wanted a band name that was easy to remember. Specifically, we wanted 2 words with the same first letter. We made a list of potential options, and Half Hearted was the best one!


Do you have a favorite single from the album?


We really do love every song and every single, but our favorite is probably “One Drink.” That song is every aspect of our band shoved into one song, and it was such a fun one to write and record!


If you guys weren’t in a band…. And music wasn’t an option…. What would each of you be doing for a living?


Honestly, we have no clue. Most of us still have side jobs that we do to make money, but music is the only thing that makes us feel worth something! If we were stuck doing ONLY retail work forever, we’d be miserable!


Favorite concert each of you have ever been to?


Sean - Emarosa Warped Tour 2015

Jason - The 1975 at Madison Square Garden 2017

Parker - The Used

Nick - Blink-182 reunion 2009


If you could open on tour for any band/musician… who would that be?


That’s a good one. We have so many bands that we’d love the opportunity to play with some day. Silverstein, Hands Like Houses, Don Broco, Emarosa, and The Band Camino are all high on the list!


What advice would you give to musicians/bands as they navigate their musical journey?


Don’t give up and try your hardest to not get discouraged. The music industry is a mess and it changes almost every day. Things are never going to go exactly how you planned, so you just have to roll with it, look forward, and set goals for yourself!


Who is currently on each of your playlists? Who are you listening to?


The new Silverstein album is amazing. Our singer, Sean, has really been into Foster The People lately. New Four Year Strong, new PVRIS, and new Dance Gavin Dance are all amazing. And we can just throw in any album by Underoath or The Used too because those are constantly jammed!


Who do each of you think is an very underrated band? Overrated?


We toured with a heavy band called Earth Groans a year ago and they are insanely good live and very underrated. On the pop side of things, The Aces is an incredible band and they should be way bigger than they already are! We don’t think any band/artist is overrated because everyone works for their success, whether you think they did or not.

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