Rändi Fay

Genre: Symphonic Electronic

For fans of Evanescence, Nightwish, Amberian Dawn, Enya, Sarah McLachlan, Moody Blues, Sade.

Rändi’s innovative approach to music can be attributed to a combination of early influences spanning decades and genre, from jazz standards, pop & rock classics, music theater, camp songs to classical masterpieces. She also seeks out diverse, worldwide collaborations to bring in unexpected flavor and character to her songwriting and vocal expertise.

Rändi is establishing her niche in the contemporary sound "symphonic electronica," co-created with partner Aaron, fusing the colorful intimacy of nostalgic artists, the richness of jazz, the passion of classical music with the intense sonic spectrum of electronica. Rändi’s poetic lyrics and transcendent vocals set to dramatic production and dynamic melodies captivate through the intimate power of their new songs which can be experienced fully in their recently released concept CD “Intuition” (2.20.2020). 

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Corona Virus Quarantined E-Mail Interview w/ UnHinged


What first got you into music?

When was I not into music? I was an odd child, with an imaginary friend and a longing to be Mary Poppins, telling my stuffed animals to “spit spot” and singing “Step In Time” while dancing over furniture I carefully placed to mimic London roof tops in my parents’ living room. I had no perception until recently that I might have the skill to become a professional musician, and I still wonder at it. I guess you call that “imposter syndrome.” Music was for pure enjoyment until people oddly started asking me to sing for weddings and to be a part of a professional dinner theater group in the mid 2000s. I kept saying “yes,” often taking on situations that were over my head. But I worked hard and have learned from the best and here I am today.

What is your creative process like?

It is so random for me! Things pop into my head, during conversations with other people or with myself…Yes indeed, I have some pretty engaging conversations with myself :) . Inspiration often strikes while doing activities where I am not forcing it, like mowing the lawn or going for a run, when I least expect it. I love the way words sound, and so I also listen to tons of books on tape. A turn of a phrase will catch my ear, and then a quick melody emerges. And there you have a hook!! After the inspiration does come a lot more discipline in fleshing out the work. I am hugely indebted to the Thesaurus and to rhyming apps, always looking for near rhymes and creative ways to say things. Because I can get pretty obscure in my imagery, I always bounce the lyric off a few trusted friends and colleagues to be sure that I am making sense!


When writing music, I apply a lot of craft as I am not a super-skilled instrumentalist. It takes me a while to get down what I hear musically in my head. I use a lot of midi sequencing to create sounds so I can easily alter tempo, instrumentation and melodies to get where I am trying to go!

Who would you most like to collaborate with?
My first response was “I am already co-writing with a bunch of amazing people and love working with them!” But in my dreams I would love a chance to write with Lady Gaga. She seems down to earth, while at the same time inspired to be empowering, and doesn’t limit herself. I want to work with people whose egos are not over the top, and who really appreciate creative input and are open minded to try new ideas that may not be their own.

If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?
I would want to open for an artist whose fan base would be intrigued by and love our new sound. I honestly have had a hard time defining who that artist might be. Symphonic electronica is robust, with intricate melding of electronic and symphonic sounds, dramatic lyric and vocals, evolving from symphonic metal. That being said, how about Amberian Dawn?

How did ya’ll meet?
Aaron Zinsmeister is my co-writer and producer. He and I met through a mutual friend, bass player Tim Perkins, after I had written a reggae tune and wanted help fleshing it out. Tim plays in a fantastic reggae band (Unity the Band) that was recording with Aaron and recommended him to me. At the time, I was also working on a variety of songs in a variety of genre, and Aaron was game to work with my fledgling compositions, playing around with sound and vibe. In doing so, we unknowingly began the progression of deepening our collaboration and developing symphonic electronica, our signature sound.

Explain how you came up with your band name.
I am a solo artist and have gone under my own name for a while. This was a solution to confusion while I was more of a jazz/jam artist. I had a small pool of musicians from which I would pull to work with depending on the setting of the gig. I called my band “Limited Edition” because fans would never know who would show up on stage or hear the same song played the same way twice! It was a blast! But then as my music evolved, our performances needed more consistency and it felt too confusing. I was the constant and needed to go with my name.

For Aaron and my recent release “Intuition,” I decided to use “ft. Aaron Zinsmeister” in a bit of a non-traditional way because his artistry is all over this album. He IS my band, creating all of the tracks and virtually playing all of the instruments you hear. How is that for crazy genius? He deserved to be publicly credited.

What was the best concert you’ve seen and why?
Joe Walsh. He was incredible. Or Billy Joel. Paul McCartney. Joe Cocker. Bonnie Raitt. James Taylor. Yes I know these are all oldies, but oh man can they still play! And they know how to entertain an audience!, with amazing stamina!! Each played on well past what I expected. No 45 minute sets and done. And they publicly shared admiration and respect for the incredible talents of their band members. They seem to truly love their craft. Their concerts were golden. I LOVED each one.

What is the most useless talent you have?
I can fold a damp bar rag into a pretty realistic depiction of certain male anatomical structure.

Do you sing in the shower? What songs?
YES!! My first venue and still one of my favorites! Back in my early days, at one of those weddings I was talking about, the accompanist asked me where I sang and my answer was truthful: “In the shower.” But now it’s different of course. Have you heard once a hobby becomes your profession it can lose some of its luster? Work and discipline have come into play, and my shower singing is first devoted to vocal exercises. Every. Damn. Shower. In a hotel, at home. Wherever I am. My poor home and travel mates! It’s like eating your peas before having a chance at dessert. After I get through those, I kinda love to rock our “Intuition” songs. They are so belt-able!

Which famous musicians do you admire?
See my favorite concerts list, but add in contemporary creative, energetic, motivated artists. Artists who are songwriters and are not afraid to break the mold. Lady Gaga. Pink. Sia. Lin Manuel Miranda. The Billie Eilish/Finneas O’Connell phenomena.

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into?
Oh goodness. I am always getting myself into some sort of trouble because I talk too much! But the most trouble? Hmm… how about this one? In my third year of vet school, I was pregnant and had a 2-year-old, and was always running a little late to my first class. The prof was a stickler and would close the doors at 8 am on the dot and publicly shame anyone who was even a second late. So one day I stuck around after class, climbed up on stacked chairs and changed the wall clock back 3 minutes. I thought I was brilliant!  It took him about 3 seconds the next day to realize the clock was set back, and less than a millisecond to figure out it was me. Oh boy. I paid for it. That was tantamount to treason...and btw, I am still always a little late…