Hard, Fast and Loud Punk Rock and Roll straight out of the buckle of the bible belt.

Cloud City Caskets is an American Punk Rock Band from Asheville, NC.  Their blistering guitar driven take on punk rock and roll is influenced just as much by 80s guitar rock like AC/DC and Motorhead as it is punk/hardcore bands like Zeke, Nashville Pussy, and the Bronx.  If fast, loud and obnoxious is your bag, it is spoken here.

Cloud City Caskets released a 4 song EP titled E.P.onomous in late 2017 which is available on all major streaming platforms.  Their newest album Lowbrow Art and Petty Crime was just released March 2020 and boasts a full length track list for your listening pleasure.

"Punk Rock ain't broke and we sure aint here to fix it.  We have no need to musically reinvent the wheel, we are here to just run it as fast and hard as we can until it goes flat."  
Zachary McMakin (Lead Vocalist)

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Ben Weaver


Dan Collins


Josh Yoder


Zachary McMakin

Guitar & Vocals

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